Our School
Our Staff
The teachers are certified by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to direct and teach preschool. Our staff have been chosen for their interest and experience in working with preschool children and their ability to recognize that each child is different and unique. They are both certified in first aid and CPR.

Mrs. Tina
* Primary Teacher and Director at Winnebago Preschool
* She has over 30 years experience teaching with over 20 years here at Winnebago Preschool 
* CPR/First Aid Certified
* Licensed through DCFS
* Bachelor's Degree in Orgnaizational Management
* Assoicate Degree in Early Childhood

Mrs. Tori
* Aide at Winnebago Preschool
* Licensed through DCFS
* First Aid Certified
* Going on her 2nd year at Winnebago Preschool

School Hours:
3 yr am class- Tuesay & Friday  8:15- 10:45
3 yr pm class- Monday & Thursday 12:00 - 2:30

4 yr am class- Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:15 - 11:15
4 yr pm class- Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 12:00 - 2:30

​Offering of afternoon classes is dependent upon the number of students enrolled. AM classes will be filled prior to offering PM classes.

We have a sign in book where parents sign their children in and out every day. Only parents and those with signed permission are allowed to pick up chidlren. Our building is locked during class session.

Weather Closures:
Should it be necessary to close schol due to bad weather, we will broadcast on WIFR Channel 23 and post it on Facebook.  
Our Curriculum
Daily Schedule...

* Arrival​
*  Table time- individual or small group
* Circle Time- roll call, pledge, calendar, weather, days of the week, counting and recognizing numbers, name recognition and spelling names, show and tell
* Learning Centers (usually we break into small groups), science, math, social studies, creative arts, language arts, dramatic play, free play, learning games and activities. The 4's activites are planned around the letter for that week and the 3's activies are planned around the theme for that month.
* Clean Up
* Bathroom time
* Snack time
* Music and story time
* Prepare for dismissal

Through daily classroom activity we strive to maintain a balance between:
* Child directed and teacher directed activity
* Structure and flexibility
* Group needs and individual need
* Program goals and children's interests
* Security and risk-taking

Objectives for students
* To understand and get along with other children.
* Being able to solve a social conflict independently
* To build respect for the staff and others.
* To learn to work with and take instruction from adults.
* To develop independence and a sense of responsibility.
* To provide a transition into kindergarten
* Recognize alphabent letters, colors, shapes and numbers.
* Learning to write their own name (4's).
* Learning to be independent.
* Strengthening their small motor skills.
* Being able to sit still in a small and big group.
AND most of all, having FUN and enjoying school.