1. How we came about...
    Winnebago Preschool first came into existence in the mid 1970's as a privately owned business, licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family services. In 1987, the preschool was sold to a group of parents who formed a corporation deeming the preschool a non-for-profit business. In 7989, the school moved from a Winnebago church basement to the present building on Benton Street.
  2. Contact ...
    Phone: 815-335-7445 106 South Benton St Winnebago, IL 61088 email: winnebagopreschool@yahoo.com Website: winnebagopreschool.com Facebook: Winnebago Preschool
  3. The purpose...
    Winnebago Preschool provides opportunities for the growth of each child in the areas of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Each child is an individual and will be encouraged to progress at their own rate.
Our Enrollement
Admission Policy
* The Winnebago Preschool will accept any child between the ages of three and six years of age. A child entering the three year old program must turn three by September 1st of that school year. A child entering the four year old program must be four by September 1st of the school year.  This is based on the "cut off" dates used by  Winnebago School District #323.
* A physical is required the first year and is good for two years. Physical examination to be done within 6 months prior to enrollment.
* You do not need to live within the Winnebago School District. 
* Potty trained
* Registration form completed, signed and dated with registration payment.
* Copy of Birth Certificate 

Winnebago Preschool is a non-profit, self-supporting corporation, licensed by the State of Illinois and goverened by a VOLUNTARY  board of directors. The preschool is not affiliated with any church, organization or public school system. All tuition collected will be used for the operation of the preschool. Those fees include teacher's salaries, utilities, building maintenance, libility insurance, large equipment and continuing education for the staff.